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Ready to experience the thrill of surfing in the iconic waves of Canggu surf spots, Dive in to the world of surfingwith our beginner freandly lessons tailored just for you. at our surf spot in Canggu , we welcome complete beginners with open arm,guiding you trough the fundamental of surfing in asafe and supportive environment.

,What to Expect :

*Expert instructions learn from our experienced surf coaches who are passionate about sharing their love for surfing.

*Gentle waves practice on canggu’s Beginners friendly semi reef break, forgiving breaks ferfect for learning.

*Safety first our priority is your seafety ,withthorought instructor on ocean awareness and surf etiquette


*Ggroup lessons 350000 IDR P.P. for a 2 hour sessions

*Private lessons 400000 IDR P.P. FOR a 2 hour sessions

Why Choose us

*Local Expert Benefit from the knowledge of our local surfers who know the ins and oits of canggu,s waves

*Small Class Sizes Enjoy personalized attentions in small group or opt for one on one coaching

*Memorable Experience create unforgettable memories as you embark on your surfing journey in paradise

Renting a surfboard in Canggu is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

Find a Rental Shop:

Look for surf shops in Canggu. They usually have boards available for rent.

Choose Your Board:

Pick the type of board you want – shortboard, longboard, etc.

Check the Board:

Make sure the board is in good condition with no damage

Provide ID and Pay

: Give the rental shop your ID and pay for the rental. They may ask for a deposit too.

Agree on Terms:

Understand how long you can rent the board and the total cost.

Return on Time:

Bring back the board by the agreed time to avoid extra charges.

Readyto catch your first wave? book your beginner surf lessons with us today and let’s ride the waves together in beautiful canggu!

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