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joint our class completly beginner is wellcome

Ready to ride the wave in Bali? enjoy world class surf for an unforgettable experience,Totally beginner is wellcome to joint our class

Dive in to the best place for beginners and intermediate surfer in Bali , Batu bolong beach , Echo beach and berawa most popular beach with good surf .

Private surf Lessons are your tickets to the mastering the waves with ease. unlike group classes, where attentions is divided, private lesson offer personalized guidance tailored to your skill leveland scheschedule withone on one instructions, you’ll progress faster , feelsaferand enjoy a more flexcible learning experience .Whether you’re abeginner or seasoned surfer, private lessons provide the focused support you need to ride fhe waves confidently and with style
Joint our class

Get special price Rp400.000 p.p.

Include Board, Leas, Rush guard, Mineral water, Sun screen, Surf two hour with private instructor

Enhanceyour surfing skill with semi private surf classes

offer the perfect balance between personalized attentions and camaraderie . joining forces with a small group of like minded you’ll rectailored gudance from an experienced instructor while enjoying the eencouragement and motivations, of your fellow surfer. With semi privateclasses, you’ll benefit from individualized feedback , improve your tecnique, and build confidence in a supportive and collaborativ evironment. wether you’re new to surfing or looking to refine your skill, semi prvipate classes provide an effective and enjoyyable way to elevate yoursurfing game

Special Promo Semi private surf class

one instructor with Two client price Rp 35000 Board, Leas, Rush guard, Mineral water, Sun screen, Surf two hour with private instructor

joint our class

Fell free to text us whatsapp +62 818 35 36 35


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Fenella PlunketFenella Plunket
01:21 15 Apr 24
Had such an amazing surf lesson- so much fun and everyone was so friendly!!! Would 100% go back!!
Erin MouldingErin Moulding
04:08 09 Apr 24
Maddy was such a good instructor. I caught heaps of waves and even got up on my own at the end. Best surf instructor in Bali!
Eric BeelerEric Beeler
14:37 07 Apr 24
Thank you for a wonderful surf lesson! I was able to stand up on the board and the instructor went at my pace always (to make sure I was comfortable). I highly recommend 🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️
GIGO OfficialGIGO Official
09:41 06 Feb 24
Kenan surf is a very personable guy. Friendly, approachable and full of knowledge when it comes to the surf.He is by a country mile the best surf coach I've had.He puts safety above everything.He's extremely patient and will thoroughly assess your abilities prior to entering the water.He'll give you the run down on the conditions and make sure you are familiar with the area, pointing out any potential hazards before you start to ensure that there is no guess work if you happen to get stuck at all.
06:14 31 Jan 24
Made and his friend/colleague are very nice and have patience teaching us how to surf. We managed to get on the board easily after a few tries. We really had fun and this is definitely one of the best memories we have in Bali. Terima kasih Made..
Deniz VaizogluDeniz Vaizoglu
01:14 20 Jul 23
Had my first surf lesson in Canggu yesterday and it was so much fun. Made is an amazing instructor! Highly recommend, especially if you are a beginner

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