candidasa surf
east bali spot

Learn how to rides the waves in East side of Bali feel free to text us on WhatsAPP +62 818 353 635

in Bali ,surfing lessons carer to all levels making it esy for beginners to catch their first waveand for experienced surfer to refine their skill .

patient pnstructor guide beginners through the basics, while advenced surfers can tackle more challengung breaks.

lessons also emphasize evironmental awareness fostering a respect for bali ‘s marine ecosystem.

with inclusive packages and a vibrant culture, Cadidasa offers the perfect setting to embrance the surfing lifestile and ejoy the thrill of riding the waves

Discover hiden surfing gem near candidasa

just ashort 15 minute drive from candidasa , bali, awaits a troveof secreat spots.

away from the crowds, these hidden gems offer pristine waves for surfer of all levels.

rent a scooter or hire alocal guide to explore these secluded beaches responsibly and enjoy a unique surfing experience amidst bali’s natural beauty

surfing lessons package

Gear Included, pic available

package includes everything you need surfboard , leash, rush guard, mineral water and two hour of expert instructions .

plus enjoy the convenirnce of pic up service. ensuring a hassle free experrience from start to




phone +62818353635

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